10 best things to do in Bangkok:


Bangkok is a town that never stops evolving and as a result, is always sought-after in travel circles. This perpetually bustling cosmopolitan city is henceforth a hot search online. As a result, Bangkok packages are always in demand. This craze is not unfounded as there is just so much to see and do in this unique and fascinating land that is Bangkok.

From Michelin star restaurants to street food vendors in Chinatown and from 5-star accommodation to budget-friendly hostels, Bangkok is a land of contrasts. Such diversity is sure to overwhelm many of you prospective travellers out there. So, to help you plan your Bangkok tour package better, here is a list of the 10 best things to do in Bangkok:

  1. Visit the Jim Thompson house
  2. Frolic about in the Lumphini Park
  3. Visit the Grand Palace
  4. Head to Chinatown
  5. Check out Wat Pho
  6. Admire the beauty of Benchakitti Park
  7. Shop your heart out at Chatuchak Weekend Market
  8. Take some cooking lessons
  9. Visit Wat Arun
  10. Hop aboard for a dinner cruise

1. Visit the Jim Thompson house:

The Jim Thompson House is the home of the mid-20th-century entrepreneur which has now been turned into a museum. The artefacts on display here range from the businessman’s collection of antiques, religious artefacts, and artworks. The canal-side property comprises 6 traditional teak houses from the former capital of Thailand – Ayutthaya. While it is primarily known for its art collection, back in the day it was also a famous venue for high society parties. A visit to the Jim Thompson house definitely makes for one of the best things to do in Bangkok.

2. Frolic about in the Lumphini Park:

Bangkok, as it stands today, would come off to many as being a concrete jungle. A majority of its green spaces have been taken up by developers for adding more and more condominium towers which add to the skyline. The Lumphini Park stands in stark contrast to all the buildings and structures and is located smack dab in the middle of the city. Often hailed as the  “ central part of Bangkok ”, this park is named after the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal. This park provides a much-needed respite to many locals in the city and is henceforth an urban oasis. Key among the attractions at this park is the artificial lake where tourists can try their hand at paddle boating. A day out in Lumphini Park is a guaranteed fun experience and hence makes for the best things to do in Bangkok.

3. Visit the Grand Palace:

The land on which the Grand Palace is built was designated back in 1782. This is the same year when the capital of the country was moved from Ayutthaya to Bangkok. As it stands today, the Grand Palace is home to the royal throne and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Although it is no longer the residence of the royalty, this sprawling complex still retains its significance and is a central stop on numerous travel itineraries travel the world best attractions places

4. Head to Chinatown:

Bangkok’s Chinatown happens to be one of the most enchanting locales by quite a margin when compared to its counterparts. With its remarkable street food, stunning Daoist temples, street art, and rich history, one simply cannot go wrong with this one. Tourists don’t need any sort of tickets to enjoy the treats on offer at Chinatown. So, head on down here and relish the excellent Thai-Chinese cuisine. We can guarantee that you will make some of the best memories of your trip here.

5. Check out Wat Pho:

Wat Pho is most famous for Thailand’s largest reclining Buddha. This 150-foot-long sculpture occupies nearly every bit of the building. Its grandeur is sure to leave you in awe. Beyond the sculpture, however, visitors can also check out the largest collection of Buddha images in the country. Historically, this complex was Thailand’s first center for public learning. Crowds flocked here to study its 1360 marble inscriptions dealing with topics like medicine, history, and liberal arts.

6. Admire the beauty of Benjakitti Park:

The Benjakitti Park has recently undergone a whopping 120-acre expansion. This has turned it into one of the city’s most beautiful green spots. The biggest draw here has to be the garden’s mile-long skywalk. One is greeted with views of flowers, and sprouting trees against a backdrop of skyscrapers. The site is yet to be open. But when it will officially be unveiled in August 2022, the skywalk will lead to various important sites like the museum, amphitheater, and so on. The park is free to use for the public and provides a calming natural reprieve from the steamy concrete jungle that is modern-day Bangkok. A day out admiring nature is among the best things to do in Bangkok.

7. Shop your heart out at Chatuchak Weekend Market:

The Chatuchak market ( or the JJ market as it is known among the locals ) is unmatched in its scale and diversity. It is home to over 15,000 stalls which makes it one of the largest outdoor markets in the entire world. One can find practically everything here, ranging from art, and clothing to trinkets like mobile covers and much more. One might be overwhelmed on their first visit here but that shouldn’t be the case as the market is very well organized and a large map posted near the entrance can help with getting your bearings.

8. Take some cooking lessons:

Thai cuisine is famous all over the world. It makes sense that most visiting tourists seek to bring some of this excellent style of cooking back home with them. A perfect way to do so is by donning the apron and enrolling in cooking classes. Look around and you will find plenty of classes that will teach you the fine art that is Thai cuisine. Our suggestion is that you check out the courses at the Blue Elephant. The course caters to both novices and pros alike. The morning lesson kicks off at the elegant colonial-style house. This is followed by a visit to the market to hunt for the right ingredients after which the afternoon session dives right into cooking.

9. Visit Wat Arun:

Wat Arun is among the most iconic of the 37,000 temples found in Thailand. One can find a 269-foot-tall prahng, a Khmer-style tower jutting out from as far out as the Chao Phraya River. This is one of the few temples in the country that visitors can climb. The effort to make the climb is well worth it as one is greeted with spectacular views of the river surrounding the temple complex.

10.Hop aboard for a dinner cruise:

Dinners don’t get any more exquisite as they do on dinner cruises in Bangkok. Sign up for a dinner cruise, and one can enjoy no less than a six-course meal while gazing upon the best that Bangkok has on offer. The excellent service available on these cruises can rival even those of the finest establishments on land. All in all, a dinner cruise makes for a perfect, relaxed, and romantic evening out on the waters.

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