5 Exciting Activities to Know in Fujairah


Fujairah is the most attractive emirate where villages and towns are situated at the fantastic coast among the superb mountains and amazing ocean, so while planning for it, you have be clear about the activities you are about to come across. Interestingly, it is the affordable beach spot compared to Dubai and this paradise is visited by dozens of foreigners every day, so make a visit of UAE, the most notable one.

While evaluating this spot more, you find this one, the prominent oil port; hence, it is the great place for both business and recreational activities, so have a perfect time there with doing every fun activity. Moreover, it is the place where ships stay for getting to the east coast of the country contributing more to its attractiveness. This blog helps to find the worth-doing activities in this exiting place, so explore all the must-do things below.

1-Visiting Al-Bidyah Masjid

It is the ottoman masjid of the 15th century and known as the oldest mosque that you can visit and explore the remarkable Islamic past of this region and honestly, it has been preserved ideally by the concerned authorities; thus, it is available for 5 times prayers, so get there and you also praise the mud-break construction of this ideal masjid. Additionally, you also explore the top-class watchtowers making it more interesting religious spot to visit. Whenever, you plan, you should focus on Qatar Airways, the reliable and trustworthy airline offering you fantastic services with the Qatar Airways promotional code.

2-Exploring Fujairah Fort

It is the country’s superb fort that you can visit and witness the old-time amazing construction and it was constructed in the 1670 and three leading portions consist of the various including 2 round-shape towers. The British army attacked in the 1900s ruined this fort and in the recent past, it was repaired for sustaining its historical status, so have a great tour of this incredible fort.

3-Discovering Fujairah Museum

It is situated near the fort and consists of the bronze-age leftovers, weapons local traditions and tools, so visiting this top-class historical really turns a trip the exiting one when it comes to dig out past of this world’s part. The Fujairah Museum comprises the grave belongings and the money from Bithnah as well as Qidfa enhancing its fame more among tourists.

4-Al-Aqah Beach

No doubt, it is the famous beach situated at the east coast ad it is the 45 KM north of this superb city. While visiting it, you find people swimming and taking sunbath along with doing various other water activities and enjoy most. Moreover, you also find a huge number of people snorkeling and it is also considered as the top-class diving spot and the snoopy island is full of coral reefs, so make sure that you also visit it.


It is the highland fraternity 33 KM northwest of this beautiful city offering the superb glimpse of the upcountry life, so do explore it in your visit to Fujairah.  The Hajar summit’s settlement is at the route of Ras al-khaimah and interestingly the settlement straddling the famous border of Fujairah-Ras Al-Khaimah.

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