Preparing a one-year round-the-world itinerary: our technique


Many of you were waiting for it and here it is: the article on our Around the World itinerary. Surely the most exciting round the world preparation to do but also the most complicated. Preparing the itinerary for a one-year Round the World is not easy. A year is both short and long. We therefore had to make choices to define the itinerary of our Round the World.

But, how to define the itinerary of a one-year Round the World? What criteria should be taken into account? I explain to you in this article, how to define a Round the World itinerary and I present to you the itinerary of our one-year Round the World


We therefore favored 3 continents: Asia, Oceania and South America. We decided to start with Asia and end with South America to avoid the rainy season, especially in Asia.

Theoretical itinerary of our world tour

Around the World Itinerary

We plan in our Round the World itinerary to spend 6 months in Asia, 2 months in Australia and 3 months in South America . Here is the list of countries we have chosen to discover and the durations in these countries.

China: ~ 55 days

Viet Nam: ~ 26 days

Cambodia: ~ 15 days

Burma: ~ 30 days

Malaysia: ~ 30 days

Indonesia: ~ 60 days

Australia: ~ 60 days

Chile: ~ 30 days

Bolivia: ~ 30 days

Peru: ~ 45 days

Obviously, this itinerary is just waiting to be modified according to the rhythm of encounters and desires.


We spent hours to define our Around the World itinerary because traveling as a couple also means twice as many desires and constraints. To draw this route we followed 5 criteria:


First of all we have, each on our side, listed all the destinations that make us dream without setting constraints  but with an order of priority. To find inspiration, we read many travel blogs, magazines and our travel bucket list . Result more than twenty countries each with for me in the first three places China, South Africa and Peru. And for Elodie, Australia, Indonesia and the United States Visit my site eiretrip

We then pooled our two lists to keep only the destinations we had in common (about fifteen all the same), because we bth have to like it. This is a very important point when traveling with two people, especially for a long trip.

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