How to choose your destination in 10 steps!


A travel agent remains the best adviser because of his expertise so he can direct you to the right destination according to your desires. In the meantime, you can already save time by refining your project and start dreaming about your next vacation.

Consult your travel consultant and make a list of the destinations that interest you and

Knowing what interests us at the moment is a good starting point for making a choice. Choose a continent, a list of countries that attract us or that are suitable for the type of trip or activities we want to do.

If you don’t have a preference, your travel consultant will have the right destination ideas for you.

Define your budget allocated to your trip

As I regularly mention, you don’t have to be rich to travel. Certain types of travel and several destinations are suitable for the small budget.

Defining your budget is an important step in choosing your destination. The price of the plane ticket alone covers a good part of the expenses of a trip.

You can check with your travel consultant to find out the prices of plane tickets for the period you want to leave.

If you don’t favor any particular country, maybe you’ll make your list based on airline ticket prices. Sometimes I choose my destination based on this criterion.

Besides the price of the plane ticket, daily expenses can greatly influence your ability or not to travel to a country.

One trick I learned early on was to ditch my boring credit card, replacing it with one that offers rewards (primarily for travel-related purchases). The process is simple. Just compare a small list of credit cards and choose one that offers cash-back, rewards, or some sort of incentive.

Compare the amounts of daily expenses according to the type of traveler you are (low, medium or large budget) in the travel guides for each destination or with your adviser.

During the figuring out stage of picking the next travel destination to visit, it is imperative to consider the budget and the remarkable experiences that await. Tanzania National Parks with their diverse highlights offer adventures within every budget.Evaluating your budget and aligning it with the enchantment of these natural wonders can lead you to an unforgettable travel destination that offers both financial carefulness and amazing experiences.

Define the duration of your stay and the time difference

The length of stay can also be an influencing factor. For short stays, you may find it preferable to go to a destination closer to home.

For example, when I only have 10 days of vacation, I take the opportunity to go to Central America rather than Asia where I allow myself a minimum of 3 weeks. The shorter my vacation time, the less time I want to lose in transport to get there and the more the jet lag factor becomes an important criterion. Count about 1 day of adaptation to your body per hour of shift. Do the math and set your own limits.

Check flight information

The flight time also discourages more than one traveller. Some people are unable to do more than 6 hours straight to get to a destination. So, I suggest you look at the flight-specific information. The time of each of them, the number of stopovers, the total number of hours before arriving at the final destination, the schedule of departures and arrivals. These are several factors that can influence your choice depending on whether they are right for you or not.

Look at destination country warnings

Without getting into paranoia, it is essential to know the news on the countries we want to visit. Natural disasters sometimes arise and political, social and economic situations change rapidly. It is therefore important to have access to reliable and regularly updated sources on the state of security in the countries.

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