How to choose your summer vacation destination?


Choosing a destination for the holidays, especially when going with friends or family with children of different ages, sometimes turns out to be a real headache.

What are the main elements and criteria to take into account to make the right choice? Discover Belambra’s advice and tips.

Sea, mountain, countryside, city: what are your desires?

Laze by the sea or the ocean, enjoy an invigorating nature break in the mountains, treat yourself to a bucolic break in the countryside, fill up on culture during a city break: before choosing a destination for the holidays , it is necessary to look into your desires and the types of activities that you like to do to have fun and relax.

After that, it will be easier to define a list of destinations that can potentially meet your expectations. Note that Belambra offers no less than 50 destinations to discover in France during your summer holidays, in spring or long weekends and long weekends in May. In particular, you can classify them by type of environment.

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Who are you going on vacation with?

The choice of the holiday destination will have to be adapted according to the profile of the participants in the trip. Depending on whether you go with your other half, with family, friends or why not solo, the choices will not be the same. Each of the holidaymakers must indeed find their account there and have the possibility of carrying out activities which they like once there.

When you go as a family to a Holiday Club, elements such as children’s activity clubs , a baby-sitting service, sports facilities, for example, are very important.

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What is your holiday budget?

The budget you wish to allocate to your vacation will be a great help in determining the ideal vacation spot, especially if you are hesitating between several Clubs. Indeed, the cost of living will not always be the same depending on your destination.

To build your budget, you will need to take into account the cost of:

  • accommodation;
  • transport (plane, train, car, car, carpooling, coach, etc.);
  • activities once there;
  • food;
  • any souvenirs that will be brought back.

The holiday budget may possibly be reduced depending on the promotional offers found during your research. Take advantage of the best rates and pitches by booking as soon as possible, stay informed and connected to take advantage of a Flash sale, an Immediate Departure promotion. Belambra regularly offers promotional offers, so do not hesitate to read them in order to refine your choice of holiday destination.

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How long is your vacation ?

The duration of leave should not be neglected either. If you have little time, for example a week, it is preferable to favor resorts that do not require too long a journey, in mainland France or in border countries. Indeed, if you decide to go to Asia when you only have a week, you will only benefit from 4 to 5 days at most on site, which is a priori insufficient to take advantage of it and risks being tiring, especially because of the jet lag.

In short, it is a question of finding a good compromise between duration, fatigue, difficulty of the mode of transport and cost.

What are your hobbies ?

Are you a fan of diving or white water sports? Do you like hiking? Do you enjoy getting lost in the aisles of a museum? Are you more the type to laze by the pool from morning to night? Your thing is rather to conquer the riches of a region?

Taking stock of the types of activities you prefer is a great way to better define the type of destination that would suit you.

To find the right destination, do not hesitate to seek inspiration on blogs dedicated to travel or the sites of tourist offices. Another solution is to discuss with those around you. Who knows, maybe someone close to you suggests a destination you haven’t thought of?

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When do you want to go?

Summer, spring, autumn, winter: the choice of holiday destination will probably not be the same from one season to another. Choose a place that best meets your expectations, especially in terms of weather.

It should be noted that off-season vacation departures are increasingly common, for families with young children who have not attended school or even couples. Benefits ? The pleasure of enjoying tourist places in complete peace of mind, no longer having to fight over your square meter of towel on the beaches, but also and above all, taking advantage of often more attractive prices for transport or accommodation.

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